An exclusive SIX-WEEK SMALL GROUP Webinar

Brand Bootcamp | Setting the foundation for Brand success

Hosted by
Megan Matthews
March 17th | 13:00 GMT | Show in my timezone

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Here is what you'll walk away with

The 3 rules and 3 tools to Brand building

By understanding and living these 3 Rules and 3 Tools, as a business founder, you will be on your way to ultimate Brand growth.

A Brand Foundation for your business

A Brand Foundation becomes the guiding tool for every single thing your

company does.

A readiness for Brand threats

Understand exactly what threats creep up that take a perfectly brilliant Brand off its course.

Your unique Brand story and how to tell it

How to find and tell the authentic Brand stories.

How to do a ThinkAudit

What is a ThinkAudit, and why it is the ultimate way to understand and grow your Brand.

An understanding of how to ensure your Brand remains yours, even in the consumer-led world of social media

Your Brand is what people think of you, and there is no greater evidence of this than social media. How do you own your Brand amidst a completely consumer owned channel?


About Megan Matthews

With 19 years of global experience as a PR, marketing and brand executive, an astute understanding of the ever-changing digital marketing and social media landscape and a genuine love of Brand-storytelling, Megan’s expertise is highly sought-after.

Whether working with an emerging company or an established Brand, Megan specialises in helping to articulate and define that Brand, ensuring Brand distinctiveness. Her years of experience as an executive team leader has helped countless company managers, directors and CEOs find their own passion in Brand-building and become advocates of Megan’s straightforward Rules & Tools, the fundamental pillars of ultimate success.

Offering more than Brand clarity and purpose, and PR capabilities, Megan has honed her extensive skill set in crisis and reactive communications, social media marketing, influencer management, media coaching, brand partnerships, event management on a global scale, working both in-house and in-agency in London, New York and Toronto.

Having worked with the some of the biggest names in beauty, wellness, travel, fashion and technology at an SVP and Director level, Megan is renowned for inspiring those around her and her passion and creativity in developing tailor-made strategies for companies of all sizes and stages. Clients have ranged from industry giants, Unilever and Hilton Hotels to beauty and fashion heavyweights Charlotte Tilbury and Diane von Furstenberg, the disruptive tech start-up Bagboard and Europe’s leading mental health clinic for women, The Recover Clinic.

In 2018, Megan took over Instinct, the Brand coaching company founded by her entrepreneurial father and industry heavyweight, Ted Matthews. As owner, Brand coach and now, entrepreneur herself, Megan’s exceptional skill set upholds and builds upon the values Instinct was founded upon, ensuring all bases are covered when it comes to your Brand.

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March 17th
13:00 GMT